10 Reasons to Send Milwaukee Love: Friendship

There are some things that only true friends understand.  That’s why it’s important to celebrate the little things. And we can’t think of a better way than by sending them a box of Milwaukee Awesome.

Here’s ten great reasons to share the love with your friends:

    1. You made it through the worst week ever. Congrats!
    2. Sorry you haven’t been yourself lately. Cheer up, friend!
    3. Congratulations for quitting smoking!
    4. This is for you – because you’re badass.
    5. Good for you! You got into graduate school!
    6. Congrats on losing that first/last five pounds!
    7. Cheers to dumping that no-good loser.
    8. Sorry you’re having a bad hair day. Let’s eat chocolate.
    9. Congrats on the new puppy/kitty/gerbil/goldfish!
    10. Because you’re you. And that’s awesome.


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