Furoshiki: An Ingenious (and green) Solution for Gifts

Have you heard of it?

Origami’s lesser-known cousin, furoshiki, is a traditional Japanese cloth-folding technique that allows you to wrap objects of various shapes and sizes in a single piece of cloth. The tradition dates from the 14th century, when it was used to wrap clothes into a secure bundle while visiting public baths.

But, it’s also ultra useful in the modern world.

For instance, the technique is great for wrapping gifts or creating totes to carry things. And we think it’s a brilliant use for our Milwaukee Flour Sack Towels. After all, it’s attractive, multi-purpose, and you get good karma for being so eco-friendly!

The Japanese government launched a campaign several years ago to revive furoshiki with hope of reducing the public’s dependency on plastic bags. As part of the initiative, the Minister of the Environment released this PDF with diagrams on how to fold different objects, and explained why furoshiki is still relevant today.

Here’s another easy-to-follow diagram that outlines some of the most useful techniques for wrapping gifts.


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