• Meet the Producers: Indulgence Chocolatiers
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Meet the Producers: Indulgence Chocolatiers

Originally a music major at UW-Milwaukee, Julie Waterman stepped away from the arts.

But, in 2007, Waterman brought her love of the arts to the kitchen, using her creativity to craft chocolate delicacies that are as beautiful as they are delectable. Julie’s travels around the world, whether for leisure or during her service in the Army National Guard, have inspired her to reach beyond traditional chocolate flavors and experiment with globally inspired ingredients.

All the while, Julie is careful never to detract from the main event; the simple pleasure of the chocolate itself.

Waterman started her business by first producing delectable truffles made from blended-bean Belgian chocolate for weddings and events, and gradually expanding to supply to over 150 wholesale clients located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and beyond.

Today Indulgence's business has grown to include a full line of confections including chocolate bars, toffee, s'mores kits and gourmet hot cocoa mixes, including flavors like salty caramel, Mayan spice and vanilla bean. Their retail shops in Milwaukee carry about 24 flavors of truffles at any given time – 20 core flavors, along with four seasonal offerings.


In addition to blended-bean chocolates, Waterman has recently expanded to working with three single-origin chocolates – a mineral-laden Tanzanian variety boasting 75 percent cocoa, a chocolate from the Dominican Republic which harbors floral and citrus notes thanks to a nearby lemon farm, and a San Thome variety from Africa which bears deep, rich earthy notes.

Indulgence adheres to the strictest of standards, including a refusal to use mass production or add artificial preservatives to their products.  So, when you taste their chocolates, you'll find nothing more than quality ingredients handcrafted into artisan confections in both classic and unique flavor combinations.


You'll find Indulgence Chocolate Bars in our Milwaukee Sampler and Sweet Treats boxes.

  • Lori Fredrich
  • chocolateconfectionsMeet the ProducersMilwaukee