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Meet the Producers: Treat Bake Shop

"Food – specifically, dessert – has always been my love," says Sarah Marx Feldner.

She began her love affair with food when she worked as the early-morning baker at a co-op, and continued to pursue it through her adult life. She is a cookbook author, former executive editor for TasteofHome.com, and recovering English major. She has eaten her way through more than ten countries...and counting. 

But, Feldner's most recent food obsession is pecans. And it's all thanks to a guy named "Kevin," who had his eye on spicy pecans whenever he saw them at home parties.

Feldner, who had her eye on Kevin, decided to hatch a plan to woo him.  So, she asked her friend to teach her to make the pecans.

"I wound up marrying him," she says.

Her pecan expertise not only won her a husband, but it's also garnered her national acclaim. 

Feldner started her own business, Treat Bake Shop, in November 2011 and in July 2012 she took her business full-time. Her spiced pecans were featured in the December 2012 edition of Martha Stewart Living Magazine and the December 2013 issue of Midwest Living.

In addition to being delicious, Feldner's pecans are made with the highest quality ingredients possible, including pecans sourced from family farms, and spices sourced from Milwaukee's own Penzey's Spices.

Her product line currently includes both spiced and candied pecans, both of which are featured in our boxes. The pecans are perfect for cheese plates, hostess gifts, cocktail snacks, and (our favorite) eating right out of the jar.


Treat Bake Shop pecans are featured in our Sweet Treats box and our Milwaukee Sampler.

  • Lori Fredrich
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