• Meet the Producers: Bolzano Artisan Meats
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Meet the Producers: Bolzano Artisan Meats


You can easily identify Scott Buer by his meticulously maintained handlebar mustache. But, if you're a food-lover, you probably tend to associate him more soundly with the product he produces - artisan salami.

Buer is co-founder of Bolzano Artisan Meats, a company he runs alongside his wife, Christin Johnstone-Buer. They produce their products in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, in the former home of Great Lakes Distillery.

Bolzano was the first company in Wisconsin to bring back the lost art of dry curing, and one of the only in the nation to make their products from locally raised heirloom hogs. All the pigs they use to make their products come from small farms and are raised without antibiotics or hormones.

They started the company in 2009, first creating classic Italian-style cured meats, including speck proscuitto and guanciale. But, as time went on, the couple decided to test market a pork salami product, which turned out to be an instant hit.

Bolzano is one of the few in the nation to make salami the difficult slow way -- without using the shortcut of cooking the meat -- and you'll taste the difference!

Flavors include: RauchZwiebel salami with smoked sea salt and onion, Old School salami with cracked black pepper, Pamploma Runner chorizo/Spanish style salami with smoked paprika, Fin Oh Kee Oh Na salami with fennel seed, Pig Red salami made from heirloom Red Wattle pork, Pitzotl salami with chiles and cocoa, and Figgy Puddin' salami with fig and cocoa (seasonal).



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    • Lori Fredrich
    • Meet the ProducersMilwaukeesausage