• Five Options for an Awesome Valentine's Day
  • Lori Fredrich
Five Options for an Awesome Valentine's Day

Why does everyone get so stressed out about Valentine's Day?

We know why. After all, you've seen the commercials. Every woman lusts after diamonds and huge bouquets of flowers. Every man covets expensive watches and jewel-studded cufflinks. And the more you spend, the more he or she will love you. Right?

In a word, no.

Valentine's day is about making people feel special. And there are all sorts of ways to do just that.

Here are five genuinely romantic ways to make the most of Valentine's Day and improve your relationship at the same time. And not one of them will break the bank.

Get take out. Think you need to go out? Nope. Special occasion restaurants are likely to be all booked up for the evening, so take-out is probably an even better idea. Pop by the Chinese place and get his favorite moo-shu pork or that spicy dish you had on your first date. Light candles and pour a glass of dry German Riesling. Or grab sushi and eat it with chopsticks while sitting cross-legged on the floor sipping saki. Not in a relationship? Grab a friend and do the same thing!

Make a date. Been together so long you can't remember the last time you took time for date night? Commit to something fun in the future – a movie night, tickets to the theater, dinner at a favorite spot. Make plans to play hooky from work on the next sunny day and take a trip to the Art Museum. The sky is the limit. Just make it fun, make a commitment to it, and give your lover something to look forward to.

Cook together. I know some of you like to cook. So, why not go all out? Stop by the market after work and buy the ingredients for a romantic Italian dinner. Light candles, pour wine, and spend your evening together puttering in the kitchen. And I know it pains you, but leave the dishes for tomorrow.

Sign up for dance lessons. You want to know what's sexy? Getting to know the way your partner moves. Fixing your two left feet. Breaking out in laughter when you just can't move the way they do on television. And just taking the time to pay attention to one another for an hour or so each week.

Buy her flowers, or small gifts, but not today. Do it every day next week. Or once a month for the next year. Give her one rose a day for 12 days. Surprise her. Spend time including a sincere note telling her one thing you love about her. Trust me, she'll love it even more than that big over-priced bouquet you were going to send over to her office.

  • Lori Fredrich