• Meet the Producers: Steppin' Out Foods
  • Lori Fredrich
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Meet the Producers: Steppin' Out Foods

Phil and Jeanne of Steppin' Out Foods met in college. The two went to UW-Steven's Point where Jeanne was studying to be a teacher, and Phil was earning a degree in Journalism.

In the 1970's they got married and raised a family. Jeanne worked as a teacher, and Phil pursued an ever-changing media career that included radio announcing, sports broadcasting, advertising sales, management, and publishing.

Little did they know they'd eventually be partners running a pickling business.

As the story goes, a few years ago Jeanne and Phil went to the market, where they came across a sale on asparagus. They'd had some experience pickling vegetables, so they decided to try their hand at asparagus.

The batches of regular and spicy asparagus pickles turned out so well they started serving them to friends in hors d'oeuvres and Bloody Marys. 

When people began requesting them, Jeanne and Phil knew they had an idea worth pursuing. So, they put their heads together and started a company. According to Phil: "Jeanne is a shoe nut." So, the name of the business and products were inspired by her love for footwear.

The couple works out of a small commercial kitchen near Waukesha, Wisconsin. They sell their wares at farmer's markets, events, and (of course) to us. Pet lovers will be happy to note that 5% of sales on Steppin' Out Foods goes to benefit the Waukesha Humane Animal Welfare Society.

Today, Steppin' Out Foods offers two varieties of asparagus -- Six Inch Spikes and a spicier variety called Red Hot Pumps. 

Both are absolutely delicious. 

  • Lori Fredrich
  • Milwaukeepickles