• Meet the Producers: Omanhene
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Meet the Producers: Omanhene

London's Financial Times has described Milwaukee's Omanhene cocoa as "the finest in the world."

Steve Wallace, Founder and President of Omanhene, grew up in Whitefish Bay, WI.  His love affair with Ghana, Africa began when he traveled there at the age of 16 as a high school exchange student.

After graduating from law school, Wallace wracked his brain for a way to return – and give something back – to Africa.   His solution?  Chocolate.

Ghana is home to over 600,000 small, family-owned cocoa farms which produce some of the best cocoa beans in the world.  So, Wallace questioned, why couldn't they produce the best chocolate and export it?

By manufacturing his chocolate directly in Ghana, Wallace found that they could, within a matter of days, take fresh cocoa beans, ferment them in the traditional manner (between banana leaves on the forest floor), then dry the beans in the warm African sun before roasting them in a factory that was just miles from where the beans themselves were grown. This locally based process not only provides Omanhene with a superior product of single-bean-origin, but also assists in keeping more of the profits within Ghana for reinvestment. And it reduces the company's impact on the environment by cutting down on carbon emissions that would be needed to transport the coffee beans to Wisconsin for processing.

Omanhene produces baking chocolate, as well as cocoa powder, hot chocolate mixes, and a variety of milk and dark chocolate bars.


  • Lori Fredrich
  • chocolateMilwaukee