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Meet the Producers: Orchard Street Press

Julie & Whitney Teska, photo credit: UWM

Founded in 2008, Orchard Street Press is a Milwaukee-based sustainable screen printing and graphic design company. 

Owners, Julie and Whitney Teska, have often described their work as a "love story" -- not only because they are a husband/wife team, but also because they see the work itself as a labor of love. And that's what initially drew us to them.

But, we were also impressed by the sense of ethics with which they run their company.

While screen-printing has historically been an industry of environmentally harmful inks which contain phthalates and harsh solvent chemicals, Orchard Street Press has been committed from the start to using only phthalate-free plastisol and environmentally-friendly soy-based biodegradable cleaners.

In addition to operating with mindfulness, OSP has also fully embraced the artistic aspect of their field by consistently bringing textiles to life through the beauty of brilliant design. In 2011, they launched our own apparel and accessories line – Orchard Street Apparel -- which provides consumers an opportunity to purchase their creations directly.

OSP not only prints our From Milwaukee with Love t-shirts, but also a variety of products that appear in our gift boxes.

We chose to work with OSP for many reasons -- their mission, their approach, and their commitment to designing amazing clothing and accessories that not only look great, but reflect an admiration for our amazing city.

Read more at orchardstreetpress.com


Photo credit: UWM

  • Lori Fredrich
  • designMeet the ProducersMilwaukeeprintingt-shirts